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About Chef Saundus


Saundus Kelly is a native of Louisiana and the Honey Island Swamp of Pearl River. At a very young age, Saundus began to experiment with different spices and sauces; inspired by his own cultural background: African American, American Indian, Creole and Caribbean.

The demand for his sauce became widespread amongst his community and Saudus’ Sauce became the chatter at every backyard barbeque. In 2008, Saundus’ passion for food and love of the flavors of Louisiana and other cultures, inspired him to bottle his sauce. So proud of his unique blend of seasonings which make up this savory sauce, Saundus put his name on it, Saundus Sauce!

From The Chef

Hi all,
When I first began making different sauces, I, like many others, always made my own BBQ sauce. I began using this sauce on other foods besides smoked meats. I love making a pulled pork, chipotle macaroni and cheese! I enjoy making BBQ chicken spaghetti! BBQ chicken pizza, trout with a saundus sauce, crab sauce. There are so many different ways to use my sauce. It is a BBQ Sauce, Marinade and Cooking Sauce and it really does go well with everything! EVEN fried alligator dipped in Saundus Sauce!

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